about us

Our Story The Time Store

The Time Store retail brand was born in 2014, and has grown to 5 Retail Store Locations in high-traffic malls in major markets, and a well curated website that supports our eCommerce efforts.

“We knew there was a niche for a wholly dedicated watch destination. We are staffed with genuine knowledgeable watch experts, who happen to be seasoned trend stylists as well,” says Jordan Mortmann, District Manager at The Time Store.

At the Time Store we are proud to represent a huge range of brands from luxury to high fashion to classic. We are the everything store for watches.

Our modern day customer wants to express their affluence, personality, good taste, or style through their personal curation of timepieces. That resonates and is extremely important to us. We are here to make that happen.

We want to help you mark these legacy moments forever with a timepiece that speaks to that emotion.

Why Watches?

The Time Store was founded on the belief that watches are more than time keepers, “…they are a lifetime testament to the milestones and important events that have shaped your life,” says CEO Abe Shak. “We want help you mark these legacy moments forever with a timepiece that speaks to that emotion.”

Dedicated to all lovers of timepieces, The Time Store will be your preferred destination because your customer experience will be not like anything else. From modern to classic, to trendy and luxury, we can outfit your inner fashionista, appeal to your ten year old son and even delight your fussy Boss.

Come visit our shop and meet our highly knowledgeable, experienced, and brand educated staff. Just like you, they all share a great appreciation for timepieces and will make sure you find just the right watch you were looking for!