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D2 Bravo Pilot GPS - 2 Bands, Leather & Rubber


Brand Garmin

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Every pilot needs a backup plan. And the D2 Bravo series is a smart choice. Each of these watches boasts a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, altimeter with adjustable baro setting and a 3-axis compass with HSI course indication. A premium sapphire lens offers superior hardness and scratch resistance, and a bright, extra-crisp, full-color Garmin Chroma Display features LED backlighting for great visibility in all lighting conditions. Each watch also can be personalized to display your aircraft tail number. Features: Automated Flight Logging, Customizable Displays and Timers, Control your VIRB Action Camera with Your Watch, Weather Tracking, Built-in worldwide airport database. Using its built-in worldwide airport database, the D2 Bravo series lets you access either of our signature Direct-to and Nearest routing functions by simply pressing dedicated buttons. So, you can fly straight to the location or waypoint of your choice - or find the nearest airport if you need to land quickly. You can view your route on a basic moving map display. Or, follow the HSI course needle to your destination. By setting your own waypoints, you can also navigate easily to any location not included in the database. In fact, you can even create Mark on Target waypoints, with the Save Location feature, to easily reference - and return to - locations you’ve flown over. Garmin D2 Bravo Pilot GPS - 2 Bands Leather/Rubber Men's Watch 010-01338-31